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I've enjoyed reading your blog so far.

The cynicism is almost cathartic. The only things that you do have secured down pat are: You have to PAY a street walking hooker to even stand near you and yet you ti the cops give a crap about what you do?!

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Please, go get a disease and fall off the face of the planet like you deserve to do for being such a total waste u space in this world. If you want an orgasm and a thrill so bad the least you could do is keep your insane ramblings and verbally abusive thoughts about women to where to pick up prostitutes to hold onto SOME kind of self-respect!

You are sick.

All women are NOT whores. I am a male chauvanist female and I totally disagree with you even on the comments you made about feminists!

When it comes to picking-up prostitutes, you really need to be a pro. Few fates are as obnoxious as being compared to a television evangelist. One time, I picked up a prostitute. Seriously. This might be hard to believe (since I 've sort of spent a lot of time on this site publishing obviously. Picking up prostitutes have been much the same for Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories; simply by pulling up to one. You can.

That just goes to show you how ridiculous this article is. You, non-sir, are an idiot.

Well woman are the reason men are cold. But don't take my word for it just wait until your marriage falls apart like my mom and dad.

You sir are an inspiration. I am planning a trip Germany to partake in some fun. Bonus points on this article for bringing in an angry in Anonymous That's how we know you've hit some nerves Wow awesome read.

Very good details and very well siad. Whoever wrote this shit is a smart dude. Real talk.

Looking For That Thick Big Ass And Pussy

Thanks for the advice witch i will definitely be using. This article made me relive some of my experiences.

It's a very enlightening read. I agree with everything you've said.

It's as if you are expressing openly what all of us are thinking deep down in the confines of our inner selves. Thank you sir!

Some lucid points. Would still like to learn more about getting it for.

Granny Sex With Young Men

My friend, sex is like everything else in life: That price is always going to be less if you make that disbursement up-front, rather than allowing the charges accumulate.

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