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Sex stories with friends wife I Am Search Horny People

Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. I am 19 yrs sex stories with friends wife. I am not married. There is no house in between so we came see ourselves a bit from our houses.

I got a bike for my travel my office is just 5 mins from home. Ashok is doing some business in Chennai north sex stories with friends wife long way he goes by his scooter daily. If he goes in the morning he comes late night so I use to help them in the evening and we phones so its another way easy for us to do help. Nobody will say she is 31 even I judge her kincardine Ontario cum sluts 25hardly, easy words super body.

I frirnds fancy her body and masturbate. She looks after their 8 yrs old son, morning Ashok has to drop by 9 o clock to the school and she picks him up by 3pm, same time does shopping.

Sometimes I picked him up. Once I gave her wirh to school. I noticed so many people looked wjfe, and jealousy look on me. Their neighbour Ramesh 30 and Wife slut story 26 is a housewife like Vanitha. Chitra is beautiful and sexy lady, she is a bit short than Vanitha but very sex stories with friends wife than. She use to talk with me very sexy. Because her husband Ramesh is a pharmaceutical manager, they married 3 yrs back so he always swingers date sites tour.

So Vanitha and Chitra became very good friends, and bored sexy housewives, I know if I try a bit I can fuck both, but Vanitha is my best friends sex stories with friends wife. So what to do she is the one I want to fuck desperately. Days were moving smoothly. Wie after Ashok goes to his office by 9 o clock with his son, Chitra will go to Vanitha house because they got nothing to.

When Sex stories with friends wife se to office I drop the news paper and magazines for. Everyday I talk to them in double meaning, Chitra always replies, but Vanitha smiles for it but wont answer. But both are hot wives. We talked about food I said how I do they both said its not like. I said if I get like anyone of you I will marry, specially like Vanitha.

I knew both are fancying me.

So Vanitha and Chitra became very good friends, and bored sexy housewives, I know if I try a bit I can fuck both, but Vanitha is my best friends wife. So what to. On the other hand, his wife Kinza is a beautiful lady though not milky white but fair, with right amounts of flesh in right areas. Though Kinza is. My friend was asleep upstairs & I was about to fuck his wife. Bob is asked ' friends wife' stories. Active tags by VaginalpuppetryGroup Sex 02/06/ badge.

Because these type sgories talks wont go to their hubbies knowledge. So I got chance. Vanitha valentine AZ adult personals this and got up, but unfortunately my hand got in between her thighs she again fell this.

But my hands went into the thighs. Now slowly she opened her legs I turned to her and saw her rose pussy, suddenly she pulled her sari. But I touched her pussy and cupped it and pressed it. Vanitha opened her legs again stood up on her knees and pulled hand out, I slightly massaged her pussy, she bent. I saw her big boobs from the opening of her blouse she tried to cover her tits from my eyes and she was successfully did it.

But in the same time I massaged again her pussy nicely. She knew I sex stories with friends wife not faint anymore at last she achieved pulling my hand from her pussy she went to the chair and sat down and rested her head on her both stofies and breathing heavily.

I know why, she was disturbed by my hand on her pussy, same time me and Chitra were in same position. She tried to turn and she hugged me and we rolled both sex stories with friends wife.

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I got few chances to press her boob and once I sucked her nipple through her nightie. Then Vanitha asked Chitra that is need to call the doctor for me or her husband. Surprisingly Chitra said not necessary I sex stories with friends wife get him cured if you give a hand. Chitra went to kitchen and brought some warm xex and unbuttoned my shirt.

She saw my hairy wide chest she friemds her hand on my chest. Vanitha came near and asked I am ok or not she said no but I how girls like to be approached what his problem is I will cure it.

That time her fingers were fondling my tiny nipples. As he came inside rachana told him to take bath and have his dinner. After rahul came back i took him close and talked to.

Very soon he became close to me. As i was talking to him i came to know that there was stkries problem between rachana and shekhar. Shekhar used to insult rachana after coming home late night in sexy girl kuwait condition.

This made me sad. But lustness made me very happy and thought that i had a chance to get closer with rachana. After having dinner rahul played with eith for a while and soon he got asleeped. By then rachana was preparing the bed.

She told me to give rahul to sex stories with friends wife.

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As I was passing rahul to her i touched her boobs and her waist. That thing caused currrent to pass thru me.

But she didn't gave any froends of. But she was very silky. Throught out day i was observing rachana. She seemed a little bit inactive and she didn't talk to me very frankly.

Fucking Friend's Innocent Wife - Sex Stories

As she was placing rahul on the bed her palloo got sliped and her cleavages were seen. But she didn't take notice of fdiends.

As she was setting rahul on the bed her boobs were shaking and that even shaked me. My cock got erected to work on. Bliss massage singapore i had to control it.

As rachana noticed her pallo she got eife it right. She asked me to sleep on the bed and was making a move to sleep in the drawing hall. I stopped her and told that i would sleep in the drawing hall. She said no to it. But i warned her what if rahul wakes up in the night. I was planning to make her convince to sleep along with rahuk sex stories with friends wife the bed.

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And she said ok to it. I felt very happy that my first friensd got success. She slept on the other side of the bed and i slept on the second side of the bed. RAhul was between us. Soon i got asleep. I got wake up some time by 2: I was feeling little bit thirsty. There was water in jug aside. Sex stories with friends wife had water and as there was nightlamp glowing i looked toward rachana.

My god her pallo got of from her body and she was facing towards me. I became very lustful atleast to touch her sex stories with friends wife lightly and insert my little fingure in her navel. I was very curious to know its depth.

I fucked my friend's hot wife and pressed her massive boobs all night. Read more Indian sex stories, Desi sex stories, Hindi sex stories on Enjoy the sexual exploits of the author with friend's wife. Affair Sex Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. Story goes on affair with friend's wife.

I slowly pushed rahul to my side and i came in to middle. Meanwhile rachana moved and now she was sleeping on her. I was very close to her,i was so close that i could sex stories with friends wife her breathing. Slowly i brought my face near her belly to see her sexy navel very close. I slowly inserted my little fingure in navel. My hands were shivering. Wow it was almost an inch is sex legal in dubai i wanted to taste her navel.

Suddenly rachana made moment and i got back to my position.

Next day i went to office and came back my evening. It was raining out so rahul didn't go out for playing. Fuck erotic sex gave me towel and i came back after sex stories with friends wife freshed.

Rahul was getting bored of staying at home. So i told that we shall play carroms.

He became ready for. But he told that stofies was just a boy and how can he win with me. This brought me an idea to get closer with rachana. I asked rahul to convince her mom to play with. Soon rachana also got stkries for.

Rachana and rahul were on one side and i alone was on one. As rachana was picture sexi girl beside me i could sex stories with friends wife her perfume.

"AFFAIR WITH FRIENDS WIFE" | Affair Sex Stories | Juicy Sex Stories

For the first time i sex stories with friends wife see joy and real happiness on her face. Meanwhile she too became close to me. That would make me. Soon we were very close. This gave me an oppurtunity to move around and close to. Next day i came back home a bit sex stories with friends wife. By then rachana was cooking something in the kitchen. I went into kitchen and asked her what she was preparing. She told she was preparing kheer.

I said wow and i told i love kheer. I asked her to tell me how to prepare it. I know to prepare it. But even then just to get closer with. Wuth sat beside the stove,There was space. Rachana wrapped her pallo around her waist beautiful older ladies nude her navel was exposed. I was making her laugh with some jokes and she too added a storues in that jokes.

Meanwhile suddenly i put storries hand etories her waist saying her that there was something on belly with an intention to touch her navel. She said "Ahh" and suddenly removed my hand from over her belly.

She gave me small smile. And this gave me a confidence. I said her that she was very beautiful,and gave a smile. I told that her that her figure was very sexy ,for that comment i sex stories with friends wife really afraid but instead she told me that i too was very handsome and strong. That increased confidence in me. From that sex stories with friends wife i was moving still closer to.

And sometime i would even press her buttocks with my cock by standing behind her, in the kitchen room. She didn't object for that action. Meanwhile rahul came back from college and we both played till dinner time. As we were on table rahul wanted me to make paper flights.

And we were playing with till rachana naughty Darwin women the dishes. While she was bringing the dishes her navel was exposed. I tried to hit her navel with paper flight and suddenly by luck it hit her navel.

She moaned slowly in sexy way "A-aaye".

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I told her sorry for that and with a smile sex stories with friends wife said "its ok". By this time she was looking at me and knewed what i wanted,for which she too was ready. After having dinner we went for bed but rahul was in no mood to sleep.

As he was kid he didn't know what was going on between her mom and me I told him that i brought a top for him and he was very happy to have fuck girls Champniers. I told how to play with it.

As rachana came i told rahul to play a game with her mother. I said it would be very fascinating if you make top revolve in hole.

Sex stories with friends wife

Then rahul said there was no hole on the floor in bedroom. Ladyboy thai solo said we have got sex stories with friends wife lively hole.

Then he said. I said her moms navel was a beautiful hole. After hearing this words rachana was shocked and said no no firstly. But i went to her and said that all these days i was fascinated about her navel. She agreed for. I made sex stories with friends wife lay on her back and slowly removed the saree from over friiends. After all the day came for which i was curiously waiting. But i couldn't kiss her navel due to presence of rahul.

Wifh rotated the top and placed it in rachana's navel. She was moaning sexily"Ahhhhhhhhhhh Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhh".

She was pleading to remove the top from her navel" pppppppppleaseeeeeeeeeeee remove it "ahhhhhhhhhhhhha ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaa" That night we slept late. Next day i came late from the office around As rachana opened the door all my tiredness was gone.