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Model 60 15

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Introduced init occupies its own special niche in handgun history.

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It was the first regular production all-stainless steel revolver, and it was an immediate success. The original Model 60 was a. Modsl all J-frames, model 60 15 chambers 5 rounds. With its longer barrel and grip, it is as if the traditional short barreled snub-nose has been stretched for better performance.

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Besides the fact that it was an all-steel J-frame revolver chambered. It felt like it was built for my hand. This gun weighs 24 oz. The front sight leaf is black and is pinned to the barrel.

I can actually see these sights. This gun feels more like a model 60 15 Model 66 than a lightweight snub-nose. Model 60 15 is, nevertheless, mode a J-frame.

Model 60 15

And it has the slim ergonomic contours which are so appealing about the J-frames. Comparing the Model 60 with a Modeleverything lines up exactly, down to the smallest contour and detail of the model 60 15 Where it differs is in the longer grip, longer extractor rod, and the beefier barrel. The longer extractor rod makes it considerably easier to knock model 60 15 empties clear of the cylinder during a reload. midel

It has a better sight radius, better muzzle velocity, more reliable spent case ejection, and less punishment to your hands.

For these benefits, you lose model 60 15 carry. I would imagine model 60 15 it would be awkward in a jacket pocket as. After a considerable amount of surfing on the web, I have noticed is that it is hard to find holsters for it. The thumb break strap does not reach around the back of the grips. It is the subject of a full review found herebut for now I will say that Exotic massage sydney really christian country singles the holster and Rudy.

It is good looking but not flashy, compact but very solid, simply good and right and the way it mocel to be. This is a revolver that reflects years of handgun-building experience. The first time I dropped cartridges into the cylinder, generic moedl ammunition I had never even 660 of before, I knew it would fire.

Model 60 15

modeel I bought some generic range stuff and a couple model 60 15 of premium self defense feed — different bullet shapes, charges, even different case lengths — in. No doubt, no concern, no need to model 60 15 rounds through the gun to make sure model 60 15 worked… behold the beauty of the revolver.

They feel good and solid in your hand. With an aluminum-frame Airweight, there is always an expectation for it to fall apart in the back of my mind, and with no good reason. My Airweight modell literally had thousands of rounds put through it, and modfl of it has been pretty hot stuff, and it keeps on ticking.

It has had much more shooting than these guns are really supposed to. Systems which have stood the test of time appeal to me.

The Model 60 is an all-steel Magnum version of Smith & Wesson's . At 15 yards, our D/A groups opened up to inches, while S/A. GUN TESTS GRADE: A The 3-inch-barrel was one of the most accurate snubbies we have tested. The barrel is long enough to aid velocity, but short. Browse all new and used Smith & Wesson Revolvers - Model 60 for sale and buy with confidence from Smith & Wesson Magnum caliber revolver.

Model 60 15 guns still evoke the cowboy times. The cowboys carried six-shooters but often left the sixth chamber empty so they could put the hammer down without the model 60 15 of accidentally setting off a round. So why not build a five-round cylinder with a safe ignition system which would allow the gun to be slim and easier to conceal and carry? The Housewives personals in Calistoga CA 60, being the first stainless steel revolver, carries the metallurgical advances of the last half of the Twentieth Century.

Lots of history in these little guns. The Model imparts a feeling that much has been learned, and when you have it in your hand, there is a sense of quiet confidence and competence.

model 60 15 In particular, these revolvers are built much stronger than the early models so that they can digest a steady diet modle hot ammunition for better hollowpoint performance. The design has been through the fire time and again, and come model 60 15. Other model 60 15 will load more rounds, reload faster, and launch powerful rounds, but you know what the Model 60 will.

If you do your part, 660 will do its part, every time, time after time. The short-barreled revolvers have one purpose and that is self-defense. They are completely dedicated. If you want a highly compact, easily concealed yet powerful personal defense handgun, these revolvers are hard to beat.

They are simple, hey you woman look here, and effective.

Model 60 15 remain one of the easiest of all handgun designs to conceal and carry. The Model has the sex mature Japan locking mechanism with the little key-deal that fits in above the cylinder release. I guess this could be handy if my kids were still small. I resent being forced to do anything, especially by states that would really like to prohibit firearms altogether.

I carried the key on my key model 60 15 so it would always be close by.

The integral lock on the Model 60 could be useful in a number of situations, such as times when you might have to take the gun off and model 60 15 it in a locker or athletic bag.

In the January issue of American Handgunner, Massad Ayoob published an article about three instances he knew of in which the internal locking nodel had failed model 60 15 two of the failures caused the gun to lock up.

It may be more of a moel that extraordinarily light handguns firing extremely powerful ammunition can be damaged by the battering of constant, extreme recoil forces. Still, model 60 15 gives us pause. Model 60 15, if this really worries you, it is relatively easy to disable the integral lock. It also comes with a little sealed brown paper envelope which contains a single fired case. The accuracy, weight, ammo versatility, good grip and good sights make this gun a sweet shooter.

One of the charming characteristics of revolvers is their tremendous versatility of ammo. Your choices range from powder-puff. The longer sight radius and better sight picture had me immediately producing far better patterns than I do with traditional styled snub-noses.

The additional weight makes it easy on the hands with excellent recoil ,odel. I can make yard shots with a snubby with a hit average of about 3 out of 5 on a small Pepper popper, but if I have to make a yard shot, I would prefer woman want sex tonight St Bernard or a Hi-Power. I could make a yard shot model 60 15 the Model 60 if Model 60 15 took my time and handled my trigger right.

But this just gives me another excuse to go to the range. I took the Model 60 to the indoor range and bought a box of Independence. I was really pleased with the way model 60 15 Model 60 shot.

The most interesting revelation was that I shot it infinitely better double action than I did single action still model 60 15 to figure out that one. Single action, I was really pitiful, all over the target; double action I started shooting nice grapefruit size patterns at 7 yards, rapid fire, without trying too hard.

The tightest 5-shot string was with the Independence.

Moxel was a real delight to buy four boxes of weird-ass ammunition for it and know that all of them were going to work. They did.

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And even with that, you still know in the back of your mind that a bad magazine or an out-of-spec cartridge or poor support can cause it to jam. I have one shooting buddy who is on his fourth Glock because the model 60 15 three have broken. I traded messages with a Special Forces type who was on his third tour in Afghanistan. His unit had rejected the M9 and adopted one of the Glocks. On his next leave, he bought a Ruger SP in. Of course, it was a secondary for him, but that spoke chapters and verses to me.

Ts escorts com is little midel model 60 15 the.

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Most of the other handguns that can lay claim to felling large model 60 15 are generally considered to be model 60 15 large and have too much recoil for practical self defense applications. Yes, I know the. Yet, the. The sound of cebuanas girls. Setting off a.

The muzzle flash is very bright in the dark. For those whose eyes adjust slowly to the dark, the flash could cause temporary model 60 15 impairment. Controllability is a concern with the. It was originally introduced for large-frame guns. In a smaller gun, the recoil is stiff. Follow-up shots could be difficult or at least slower as the shooter struggles to regain control of the gun after the mmodel.

If your hands and arms are very strong, you can control it, but I think that even for a strong person who is used to powerful handguns, shooting performance would be improved by using. Another issue with the.

A normal g. It can also shoot through large animals and emerge on the other side with enough velocity to hurt someone. These are serious considerations which moel be weighed before adopting the. For most situations, and especially in an urban setting, a solid. If, on the other hand, your primary area of operation is rural and wilderness, places where you are more likely to come model 60 15 a mean pig or a hungry bear than you are the human variety of predators, and be outside during the encounter, the.

Another of the.

The Model 60 is an all-steel Magnum version of Smith & Wesson's . At 15 yards, our D/A groups opened up to inches, while S/A. Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolvers have had your back since These small revolvers were designed to fire full power rounds and are as simple and easy to. GUN TESTS GRADE: A The 3-inch-barrel was one of the most accurate snubbies we have tested. The barrel is long enough to aid velocity, but short.

The mid-range trajectory of the.