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Over the weekend, a mildly popular Twitter personality with the handle ElleOhHell staged a bizarre late-night confession — one that was not received with the sympathy he appeared to expect.

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In a lengthy thread, he revealed that: Not the eharmony gay of the soon-to-be ex-wife, as I first guessed. MEL contributor Rachel Millman was one of the women to pull the mask off, as she recounted in a thread the following year. Most of the catfish seemed to be experiencing a crisis of ego onlne they were so down on themselves that only by acquiring a false identity did they feel men pretending to be women online to engage other people.

There is no road to authenticity that runs through a lie, yet when ElleOhHell brought his to an end, men were ready to believe. Wow, that's quite a revelation. It threw me for a couple of minutes, that feeling of having been misguided.

But I think Preteending understand what you are saying, how and why this happened. And know this: Dust yourself off and get back on the bike!

People are too hung up on gender. There are a bajillion dudes playing women in videogames. Anonymity allows for creativity and experimentation.

Anyone upset with you doesn't really get. Thanks for the tweets. I liked this account. Sorry for your omline, I'm sure you're not alone in doing this kind of thing, but I can understand why people are upset.

I'm not, fuck it, I never know or care the gender of tweeters, you are all gelatinous text writing blobs to me. In the first place, he operated from the assumption that in a public sphere, women wield greater control womeb influence, enjoying special liberties that an oppressed male class men pretending to be women online only dream of.

Then you have his puzzling segue into the disclosure: Why even mention this?

Many who read the tweet in real-time imagined that ElleOhHell was preparing to dox whichever skeevy bro had sent the DM. It would all come out sooner or later, so might as well be sooner.

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Did he feel guilt over the average dude mem, who tries to make it big without total misrepresentation? Who was he even feeling sorry for, besides himself, a guy who has to give up his disturbing internet gimmick, which likely would have continued were it not for impending divorce?

Like the male authors who take gender-ambiguous pen names to publish their women-driven suspense novels, he slightly misjudged oretending material benefit to faking a female voice. Men men pretending to be women online not constrained from publishing their thrillers or posting online in the hopes of sharing nice conversation.

It was having the upper hand, the grand secret — not just talking to women, but women who thought of him as a woman — that he liked.

And he clearly relied on this cover to flex his weird yet unmistakably male notion of authority, as you see in these DMs he sent years ago: But no matter how often we exile creeps for this kind of behavior, we tend to see online strangers however they wish to be seen — until they give us a substantial reason not to.

We are willing to live with this obfuscation because we know it on,ine sometimes necessary — and this has been exploited as a vulnerability by men who want attention, men pretending to be women online have staked their success on the false idea that women are rewarded for their gender, not their achievement, and always have an edge.

Being a woman is a fucking joke to men. Like god damn.