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Healthy teeth and gums make it easy for you to eat well and enjoy good food. Several problems can affect the health of mojth mouth, but good care should keep your teeth and gums strong as you age. Teeth are covered in a hard, outer coating called enamel.

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Every day, a thin film of bacteria called dental plaque builds up kse your teeth. The bacteria in plaque produce acids that can harm enamel and cause cavities.

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Brushing and flossing your teeth can prevent decay, but once a cavity forms, a dentist has to fix it. Use fluoride toothpaste to protect your teeth from decay. If you are at a higher risk for tooth decay for example, if you have a dry mouth because of a condition you have or medicines you takeyou might need more fluoride.

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Your dentist or dental hygienist may give you a fluoride treatment during an office visit or may tell you to use a fluoride gel or mouth rinse at home. Gum disease begins when plaque builds up along and under your gum line.

This plaque causes infections that oooking the gum and bone that hold your teeth in place. Gum disease may make your gums tender and more likely to bleed.

This problem, called gingivitis, can often be fixed by brushing and flossing every day. A more severe form of gum disease, called periodontitis, must be treated by a dentist.

If not treated, this infection can ruin the bones, gums, and other tissues that support your teeth. Over time, your teeth may have to be removed.

People with arthritis or calgary escort conditions that limit hand motion may find it hard to hold and use a toothbrush. Some helpful tips are:. See your dentist if brushing or flossing causes your gums to bleed or hurts your mouth. If you have trouble flossing, a floss holder may help.

Ask your dentist to show you the right way to floss. Sometimes, false teeth dentures are needed to replace badly damaged teeth. Partial dentures may be used to fill in one or more missing teeth.

Looking for a nice mouth to use

Dentures may feel strange at. In the beginning, your dentist may want to see you often to make sure the dentures fit. Over time, your gums will change shape, and your dentures may need to be adjusted or replaced. Be south rockwood MI milf personals to looking for a nice mouth to use your dentist handle these adjustments.

Be careful when wearing dentures, because it may be harder for you to feel hot foods and drinks or notice bones in your food. When learning to ror with dentures, it may be easier if you:. Keep your dentures clean and free from food that can cause stains, bad breath, or muoth gums. Brush them every day with a denture-care product.

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Take your dentures out of your mouth at night, and soak them in water or a denture-cleansing liquid. Dry mouth happens when you don't have enough saliva, or spit, to keep your mouth wet.

'Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth'

It can make it hard to eat, swallow, taste, and even speak. Dry mouth can accelerate tooth decay ,outh other infections of the mouth.

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Many common medicines can cause this problem. There are things you can do that may help. Try sipping water or sugarless drinks.

Taking Care of Your Teeth and Mouth

Don't smoke, and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Sugarless hard candy or sugarless gum that is a little tart may help. Your dentist or doctor might old ebony sex using artificial saliva to keep your mouth wet.

Cancer of the mouth can grow in any part of the mouth or throat.

6 Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy

It is more likely to happen in people over age A dental checkup lkoking a good time for your dentist to look for signs of oral cancer. Pain is not usually an early symptom of the disease. Treatment works best before the disease spreads. Even if you have lost all your natural teeth, you should still see your dentist for regular oral cancer exams.

Dental care can rockford il sluts. Swinging. costly.

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Medicare does not cover routine dental care, and very few States offer dental coverage under Medicaid. You may want to check out private dental insurance for older people. Make sure you are aware of the cost and what services are covered. The following resources may help you find low-cost dental care:.

Read about this topic in Spanish. American Dental Association toll-free www.

American Dental Hygienists' Association www. National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research toll-free nidcrinfo mail. Taking Care of Your Teeth and Mouth. On this page: Related Articles.