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I kl sex spa completely trust you anymore, but I do still admire you. I am looking for 2 girls to join me, or if you make lesbian corner a good offer ill give you all 3 tickets. Like country music as well as other genres.

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E2 has closed. Genesis keep a taxi driver. If anyone shows up they're told E2 has "moved" and then they are brought to Genesis. Ian, Thank you.

I heard E2 is under renovation though it's a rumor and I can't confirm it until I go to KL in a few months. Genesis is not associated kl sex spa E2 as far as I know and is probably just having drivers skim unknowing E2 customers.

Cheers, Jim. Really helpfull advice Bro! Kl sex spa try out bond spa since is highly recommended. Hopefully find some Russian. Thanks for ur useful advice bro!

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Just went to sky river spa with one of the girl from vietnam I guess. She have kl sex spa high rate of gfe. Really friendly girl. I dont know whether is plus or minus point for me kl sex spa, when I do fuck thing we just got into very romantic one, esx shit I forget to wear condom when we do it.

Ewe Paik Leong, The Wordslinger: Top hank-panky spas in Kuala Lumpur

Wish me luck bro hopefully I dont get those virus thing dude. Really dude, just kl sex spa me luck. Hopefully I didnt get anything. Dear Jim, Is the price above still valid for now?

Which spa has better girls? Suggestions or advice would be great. Thanks Bro!!

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Eric, Looking for an Omagh encounter for the long overdue reply but yes prices are up to date. Jim, I want to say thanks for sharing your insights on the Kl Sauna scene, having visited a few times in the past couple of years, I was using the escort services as Kl sex spa had no idea about the sauna scene.

After my 3 night trip last week, I can now say that I am thankful I came across your post, and thoroughly enjoyed sampling 3 of the sauna's whilst.

Definitely agree with your rankings and quick comment on each as follows. Bond former saboon Kl sex spa the best by far for the last night. I did the whole sauna package here as I had never tried before, and very much enjoyed it. Definitely relaxed the whole body and mind, sweating it out and then snap freezing in the sauna area, a good set up and will definitely be going again on my return in April.

As I really love the Chinese girls, and had tried alternates the 2 massage near bridgewater nj nights, Kl sex spa went with a beautiful chinese girl here and wasn't disappointed.

Didn't get to see any girls other than the chinese, of sa there were 9 to choose from, with 3 rating 7 or above apa the rest between 4 to 6 in looks. Sky River Definitely a bang and go place. Little bar to kl sex spa and have a drink and view girls. Had a good selection of Viet and Thai about 15 in total, however only 1 Chinese probably due to new year just finishing.

One of the Viet's caught my eye and off we went.

Kuala Lumpur - WikiSex | Prostitution | Malaysia

In looks I'd give her a 7 however compared to past experiences with Viet's she only just kl sex spa a 5 for service. Genesis I went here on the first night, and sexx it was late decided to forgo the sauna and select a lady.

Miller lite girls commercial all the line kl sex spa - Chinese about 6 none above a 4 Thai's about 8 all between 4 and 6 Vietnamese about 8 all between 4 and 6. There was one Indonesian with the Vietnamese girls who caught my eye and selected.

Once in the room and strip off for shower, she had big scars kl sex spa babies on stomach, refused BJ without condom, and was ordinary bang. Went back to bar after to see if I wanted to take a second and see if results improved.

Whilst kl sex spa another punter asked for the local malay girls to view, seeing them turned me off having a second, as they all were female and breathing I'll be generous and rate them all a 1.

Cheers Mark. Mark, Glad you had a good time.

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I certainly kl sex spa a lot of fun checking out these spots even if the girls not to my taste. Last night was my first in Malaysia so I went to Bond Spa.

I'm picky but found something nice. In the room, after a short shower again she started snusnu, then after two minutes, a blue light went blinking the girl put thai ladyboy dating site pants and shirt kl sex spa and ran away, like all other se. The guys from the other rooms and I tried to run away but the staff told us to stay in the room.

After 2min cops no uniforms arrived on that floor and asked us were the girls are.

I would kl sex spa joked kl sex spa "I would sap to know that too" but kept it shut. After an hour waiting in the room a Malaysian guy from another room checked his phone and said it was OK to take the elevator usually doesn't work withoutthe proper key the guy left but I was waiting for the staff to get me.

As nobody came I took my chances with the elevator inviting two taiwanese guys who preferred wait.

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So the elevator was moving without the key, I could go to the 3rd floor, have a drink and "relax" The floor was crawling with cops dressed as civilian.

I thought they will take me in as Kl sex spa did something illegal but no-one cared about me. After two hours in the Internet room Kl sex spa took my chances to leave the building. Went out with their pajama and asked the front lady to send ml. I 72ringit for kl sex spa bath, a plate of spaghetti some drinks kl sex spa lost 4 hours, but I have this wonderful story to wex you guys. Yeah thats one hell sexo cam free a story, interesting you were at e2 and thought it was shut.

Thanks Bro, I just came il from KL eex had a great time there, love your advice. I havent come across a more helpful article for a couch surfing guy like me who wants to take his first step.

James you are a champ and an extremely kind soul to have even made videos on how to get.

Kl sex spa Ready Real Dating

It's like you know dpa kl sex spa questions we would have and taken care of it very. You are a legend mate. A legend? Why thank you lol!

Kuala Lumpur Massage – Massage prices and reviews

I will be making more blog posts about Kuala Lumpur massage shops really soon. And it's worthwhile doing these posts when guys like you can appreciate it!

Plus having a BJ once in a kl sex spa for the sake of my blog audience is a sacrifice I'm willing to make every day! Hi James sorry for asking this, since i'm newbie never had sex exp before i would like to ask about the rule of "45 minutes1 shot" if i choose full package, did it takes so much time kl sex spa shower, massage then DO ACTION is that more than 45 minutes?

Roby, You only get a total of 45 minutes of action that includes the shower and boom boom. If you finish early, let's say in the first 10 minutes then that's it.

You don't get a second go unless you pay for it. That's just hory wifes way for all of these jl. In Tripadvisor and citymaps theres a gentleman saying that Summer Thai Spa has stopped B2B and happy ending massages kl sex spa as on 10th Feb Have you heard anything to that effect James? Basu, Not sure I would have to find. I've only been there that kl sex spa time.

If they psa stopped B2B it would probably be for the casual Dating Unityville Pennsylvania 17774 because I don't think they have quality girls. Whatever happened to the spa in Imperial Hotel? Went there and there's only Sabai. There is no kl sex spa in the Eex Hotel.

I've seen some blog posts stating that Bao Jian offers happy ending massages. But that is not true at all. I know because I've checked swx. Hi there just for the confirmation, the damage charge at saboon spa including screwing the girl is how much?

Hey, I heard E2 reopened? Rumours been going all around, I'll be dropping to KL kl sex spa December, would like to ask any helpful brothers out there if this is legit, even googling e2 says its open.

LOL hunter bro so good see u kl sex spa this blog 2years later. Some do have above average girls. Maybe exchange email so next time u come KL again we go spx hunting? Hello, yes I am alive. It's hard to kl sex spa about KL's nightlife because the places I've been going to want to really keep themselves a secret. So I have to be careful about what I reveal.

Personally I prefer incall service. Hey James, would really appreciate if you can refer some good agencies with incall service. And how do we check if the hotel allows guests to bring girls i need a friend not a lover And thank you for all your efforts.

I will go check the Bond sauna tmr, hopefully they are still as you reviewed.