Press Release





"Let There Be Light and There Was Light"


 by Wendy A. Rabinowitz

 Sunday, April 8- Sunday June 9, 2018

ARTIST'S TALK on Saturday, May 5 at 12:45 pm

at Beth El-Kesher-Israel (BEKI) Synagogue Gallery

85 Harrison Street, New Haven, Ct.


Judaic Weaver/Mixed-Media Artist Wendy A. Rabinowitz will usher in Spring at Beth El-Kesher-Israel (BEKI) Synagogue Gallery in New Haven, Ct on April 8 -June 9, 2018 with her exhibit "YAHI OHR V'YAHI OHR: Let There Be Light and There Was Light", a series of dynamic weavings inspired by Jewish prayer, story and tradition.  Rabinowitz describes her artwork as " weaving/mixed-media that are deeply rooted in the power of Judaism, nature, and the sacred responses of the spirit."

For over 30 years Rabinowitz has been developing her craft, focusing on themes concerned with the earth, peace, healing and women's issues. Originally from Chicago, she currently lives in the Berkshires of MA, where she works out of her Living Threads Judaica studio.  In addition she leads workshops on the power of Judaic art, rituals and the creative process. 

Rabinowitz, whose descendants include Sephardic Rabbis and women who were members of a large weaving community in Bielsk, Poland, combines the spiritual and the tangible through a Biblical "God wrestling" which is then transformed..."into 'shalom', peace , and 'simcha', joy." Educated as an artist at the Art Institute of Chicago and in Jewish thought by several rabbis as well as at the Kabbalah Centre in Boston, Rabinowitz is represented in galleries, museums, synagogues, and private collections in the United States and Israel, including the United Nations, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and the Spertus Jewish Museum.

The above image, "SARAH: Princess of Light" is from her series, " V'I'MO-TEI-NU (And Our Mothers)"  which is based on the Jewish matriarchs in Torah (Old Testament). These artworks have traveled extensively through the U.S.  Below, Rabinowitz's seminal interactive work "WOMEN AT THE WALL: A Call For Peace" (which will also be included in the BEKI exhibit) was featured in the United Nations exhibits, "MIRACLES OF PEACE" in 2003 and 2007. 


'WOMEN AT THE WALL", Rabinowitz explains, "is a symbolic container for all our cries, lamentations, pleas, exhalations, prayers and gratitude.  We come to The Wall to find a place that holds our common humanity, that transcends and encompasses time and space, that connects us to sacredness and tradition."

Rabinowitz uses religious and visual techniques in the creative process: "As I seek to bring these images forth, they are connected to my commitment to the earth, peace, interfaith dialogue, women's experiences, ritual and healing. My intention 'kavannah' is that these artworks will be a visual pathway of connection, spiritual renewal and sacred action in a world that cries out for 'tikun olam', repair of the tear." As Rabba Kaya Stern-Kaufman remarks: "Wendy's artwork weaves together gorgeous textures, sacred text, and fragments of light to create expressions of beauty that touch the senses as well as the soul."

There will an Artist's Talk Presentation given by Ms. Rabinowitz on Saturday, May 5, 2018  at 12:45 pm, after services and a kiddish lunch at Beth El-Keser-Israel (BEKI), 85 Harrison Street, New Haven, Ct. 06516.  For more information e-mail Helen Rosenberg at or Wendy A. Rabinowitz at, 413-281-2399.  You can see more images of her artwork and resume at :