VESSELS OF LIGHT: Dedication/Presentation/Donor Plaques by Wendy A. Rabinowitz

"The over fifty one-of-a-kind stunning Dedication Plaques made specifically for the Brandeis-Hadassah International Women's Reserach Center have made a unique-contribution to the beauty of this renovated building. She was a joy to work with......"Shulamith Reinhartz, Director

These one-of-a-kind "VESSELS OF LIGHT: Dedication/Presentation/Donor Plaques" for synagogue and organizations to honor donors, volunteers, major life-time achievements, dedications and other life-cycle events, are designed by Judaic artist, Wendy A. Rabinowitz, with site/occassion specifications.  Commissions welcomed.  

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 Note: Hebrew and English quotes used within artworks: Text by Marcia Falk, from The Book of Blessings: New Jewish Prayers for Daily Life, the Sabbath, and the New Moon Festivals, copyright (c) Marcia Lee Falk


"All Art is a Healing, a 'Tikun Olam' to Creation..."  W. Rabinowitz