"Wendy Rabinowitz, your powerful, beautiful artwork and words in the world equal medicine for the misery" Jenna Huston


"We have taken your beautiful artwork into our hearts we are forever grateful for the soul nourishment you gave us". Sharon Lazerson, Curator of "Through the Feminine Gaze" group exhibit, Kimball Farms Gallery, Lenox, Ma.  2018

"I just returned from THE ARC GALLERY and wanted you to know how deply touched and inspired I was to be with your artworks in person....I found it notable that people were drawn not only to the meaningful images and lovely weaving, but also to your insightful words....Thanks for sharing your beauty and message with Chicago." Ann Lindner at THE ARC GALLERY exhibit REINVENTION II, 2018

"Her work is both aesthetically stunning and emotionally moving.Exactly what great art should be." Grace Rossman, Gt. Barrington, MA 2018

"To see Wendy's artwork at the Artful Mind Gallery was amazing. Such talent, such emotional impact, such beauty." Amber Chand, Gt. Barrington, MA 2018

"Wendy's art is extraordinary.  I have never seen anything like it before. She honors the art world as well as her religion, with her unique gift." Florence Mason on Facebook 2018

" Your magnificent artwork is so alive, warm, and a beautiful woven Jewish story that fills my heart with wonder.Thank you. We are honored to be so close to your work." Jessey Palombo. "I knew you were and an amazing Judaic artist, but  you are also an amazing presenter and speaker." Helen Rosenberg ,Co-Curator Beth El-Kesher Israel Synagogue,New Haven,Ct., exhibit "Yahi Ohr V'Yahi Ohr""We had a wonderful Shabbat...overflow crowd for Wendy Rabinowitz's Artist's Talk :YAHI OHR V'YAHI OHR exhibit. There were really attentive people who asked good questions and were inspired by Wendy's wonderful presentation." Cynthia B. Rubin, Co-curator BEKI Synagogue, New Haven, CT. "Wendy A. Rabinowitz's artwork was magnificent and so meaningful and her presentation was captivating.  She is a great performer and teacher." Congregant, BEKI Synagogue. "I was so  honored and delighted to be one of the first people to visit Wendy's most wonderful artwork exhibit at BEKI Synagogue.  I felt I was on an incredible Jewish journey..."Jonathan Rosenbloom, NYC.  2018

"Exceptional, exhuberant, joyful gift to all lucky enough to share the space with Wendy and her creations--enthralling!!! Rita and Rabbi Paul Menitoff, Exe. Vice-President Emeritus for the Central Conferance of American Rabbis, commenting on the YAHI OR: LET THERE BE LIGHT" exhibit at The Welles Gallery, Lenox, MA. 2016

"Imagine owning a piece of this creative woman's spirit, made manifest in wood, clay, stone and fiber.! I did and am transformed.Thank you so much for taking the time to welcome me into your sacred studio space. I love your work and am so glad that now I have a small piece of your vision and creative talent in my home!..." Jennifer Brody, director and organizer of Creative Spirit and Berkshire Women's Writers Festival of the Berkshires, December,  2017 

"I can see your magical touches throughout--copper wrapped embellishments, more hints of past and future combined in the fully present moments of perception and meditation. Linda Hirsch, "She Who Creates With Light", MA. 2017

"Rich and I hung "THE BURNING BUSH" in our living room today and oohed and aaahed....we love the charm leaves surrounding the fiery weaving, the Hebrew letters at the top of the bush , "I am that I am", the angel wings at the bottom, and the symbol of all the peoples of the earth in the center, with the Hamseh (the Hand-of-God)  It is magnificent.  Mesmerizing. Powerful. We keep looking and looking at it.Thank you."    Rev. Natalie Shiras, San Diego, CA. 2017  

"Many thanks for creating such a multi-dimensional LILITH: Queen of the Dark Force. She occupies a prominent place at The Lilith Institute. Blessings." Devora Grenn,Director of The Lilith Institute, Napa, CA, 2017

"Wendy, thank you. You have inspired me through the decades.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded by your art and heart. Rabbi Alan Berg, 2016

"I just wanted to tell you how my friend reacted to the gift that you created. She was overwhelmed and had tears in her eyes.  She absolutely loved it and couldn't believe haw the colors worked so well in her home. Thanks again for a great work of art." Ivy Greenberg on the occassion of her friend's 65th Birthday, Boca Raton, FL, 2016


"Even an Atheist can relate to your religious iconography and your wonderful art." Arlene Sibley. CCCA Gallery, "A STITCH IN TIME"  group exhibit, Hudson, NY, November, 2015

"It was so moving to see your soulful artwork.  You are a weaver of light and love and magic, When I stand with each intentional piece I feel like I am being held by The Creation Story." Barbara Newman,commenting on the YAHI OR: LET THERE BE LIGHT" exhibit at The Welles Gallery, Lenox, MA, July-August, 2015

"Awesome!" Rabbi Harold Salzman. "You have captured the 'Essence of Judaism' through your artwork." Rebbitzin Audrey P. Salzmann commenting on the YAHI OR: LET THERE BE LIGHT" exhibit at The Welles Gallery, Lenox, MA, July-August, 2015

"Muy creativo, desplaza lo complicado del entendimiento en pequenos elementos para crear un todo.;  "Thank you for sharing the knowledge of your Art. Maravillosa exposicion, bebedicious.;" Gracias y saludos De Mexico".  Two young men from Mexico commenting on the YAHI OR: LET THERE BE LIGHT" exhibit at The Welles Gallery, Lenox, MA, July-August, 2015

"Your works of art are sacred, more sacred than a huge stack of prayerbooks! " Anon.,commenting on the YAHI OR: LET THERE BE LIGHT" exhibit at The Welles Gallery, Lenox, MA, July-August, 2015

"Absolutely magical  ....Your work lights the way for Jews and non-Jews alike....Judaism keeps inspiring our survival as a people. Todah Raba veShalom!". Dr. Ruth N, Holt and Bert Boyson commenting on the YAHI OR: LET THERE BE LIGHT" exhibit at The Welles Gallery, Lenox, MA, July-August, 2015

Hak'heyl/Assemble! By Assembling, we weave together the different threads of our community to repair broken threads in the weave of life on earth,--as this wonderful weaving shows us. This remarkable woven piece by Wendy A. Rabinowitz of Living Threads Judaica reminds us--We are the weavers.  Her weave embodies the words that she quotes : " Kadosh kadosh kadosh--Your radiance fills the whole earth!"  Rabbi Arthur Waskow, from The Shalom Report: "From Shmita to Hak'heyl", June, 2015

"Wendy Rabinowitz's weaving/mixed-media artworks, based on the concept of light in Judaic text, has always caught my attention.  Not only because of the colorfullness and diverse shapes, but because they speak to me personally about having to be reminded that I have a soul and I am alive..." Harryet Candee, publisher and writer , in The Artful Mind, July, 2015. p. 8-9

"What a meaningful surprise to receive a TREE OF LIFE/ETZ CHAIM from my friends  to commemorate my special birthday this past year.  It is a real treasure and it is hanging where I can see and enjoy it every day. Thank you, Wendy. Sue Polansky, Longmeadow , MA, 2014

"...upon entering the room [of the exhibit THE EARTH IS OUR MOTHERS ], the feeling of being part of something sacred came over me like nothing I've felt, ever....upon seeing your work, what came over me was immediate...ineffable....from the earth.  I know I felt proud to be a woman and to be Jewish and at the same time, everything was "one"....I will always remember them. Thank you for your art." Laura Margolis, Producing Artistic Director, Stageworks, Hudson, NY, April, 2014


"I am in awe. Wendy's artwork is just stunning. Just look at the incredible detail in these mixed-media works. Her Artist's Talk was amazing.  The students [from Bard College at Simon's Rock] were VERY impressed. Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, organizer of the Berkshire Festival for Women Writers at "THE EARTH IS OUR MOTHERS"exhibit at the Jackson-Hillman Gallery at the Daniel Arts Center at Bard College at Simon's Rock, Gt. Barrington, MA, March, 2014


"Artist Wendy A. Rabinowitz of Pittsfield, MA has received a Special Recognition Award for her artwork in the "15th Annual Judeo-Christian Online International Exhibition" hosted by Upstream Peoples Gallery. Wendy uses mixed media very effectively showing a delicacy and a boldness to present "Drenched In Peace".  The overall warmth of the organic quality makes for a calming effect. Laurence Bradshaw, art professor and Juror, 2013

"Thank you for your impressive exhibit, 'Shalom: Weaving Threads of Peace', at our Schenectady JCC's Farber /Miness Gallery, and your intimate display of 'Meditation Boxes' at the Finkle Display case.  It is rare to have such original, creative and vibrant exhibits exploring Jewish spirituality through the artistic eye..." Irit Magness, Jewish Cultural Director, Robert & Dorothy Ludwig Schenectady Jewish Community Center, 2013

 "I am still basking in the glow of last night's gathering and presentation....seeing your work in that intimate setting and hearing you speak of each piece deepened my appreciation of your amazing work.  Your stories took me away with you and the healing circle was just a wonderful time to just be in community with women...I'm kvelling." Sheila Dinaburg-Azoff, Robert & Dorothy Ludwig Schenectady Jewish Community Center, 2013

"I cannot tell you how touched I was to receive the beautiful presentation plaque encased in this magnificent piece of art.  As someone who hails from Boston and is familiar with the Berkshires I never dreamt that I would own a piece of art done by Wendy Rabinowitz whose reputation is well known to me...". Nancy Falchuk, outgoing President of Hadassah International, NYC 2012

"All participants were in awe not only of the art exhibit, which is absolutely gorgeous, but from the way Wendy described each piece of her art.  Her honesty and down-to- earth presentation gave us a spiritual feeling throughout this enjoyable evening."  Judy Ben-Ami Women's Jewish Network, Albany Area

" In her work, Rabinowitz seeks and embodies the feeling of wholeness, in body, mind and soul...she taps into a feeling of open awareness...,the art of restoration.Wendy weaves bright tapestries-and with these weavings,and elements of wood or metal, stone or paper, she creates scenes, abstract landscapes, rooted in stories.  A tree of life bears fruit of jasper and lapis lazuli.  A woven length of crimson and orange and gold folds and flames into a burning bush.  Fingerling bronze-colored trees stand on an expanse of sunset-hued hillside. ." Kate Abbott, " Thread to Seek Shalom" in Berkshires Week Magazine in The Berkshire Eagle, Jan, 2013

 "Wendy's artwork weaves together gorgeous textures, sacred text, and fragments of light, to create expressions of beauty that touch the senses as well as the soul.  There is such richness to the layering of colors, ideas, and textures. Her work moves me through time and I receive the work in the fullness of its present beauty- it moves me gracefully through the depths of yesterday and into a vision of tomorrow that I long to see." Rabba Kaya Stern-Kaufman, Rimon Jewish Organization of the Berkshires, MA

 "Thank you ... I feel grateful for the way you have manifest spirit in your art.  You awaken the Spirit in whoever sees you and the living threads that you weave.  May the peace you weave fill the fabric of this world and beyond." Joanne Speis, President, The Women's Interfaith Institute of the Berkshires, Stockbridge, MA., 2013

"Wendy Rabinowitz is on a sacred addition to the sheer artistic vision of her work, her intention is deeply spiritual....Her work is a vivid accretion of weavings... and "stuff", as well as words, woven and drawn in Hebrew and English...she weaves webs of light in which the viewer can meditate upon their own images of universal symbols...the exhibit encourages dialogue." Sonia Pilcer, writer, art reviewer. in "The Artful Mind", 2009, 2011

"We spent over ninety minutes roaming through the three and a half galleries at the SHALOM:WEAVING THREAD OF PEACE exhibit that contained your extraordinary collection of artworks.  What a brilliant soul you are! What a magnificent vision and a beautiful heart to work those magical fingers of yours in creating so many pieces clearly touched by the Divine...." Peter Bergman, writer; critic, in the Berkshires, MA 2012

"On a daily basis, Wendy's artwork in the exhibit 'SHALOM: WEAVING THREADS OF PEACE' inspires visitors to Hancock Shaker Village with its important message of commonality and peace.  The exhibit resonates with all- young and old, spiritual or not.  The themes are not bound to any particular time or religion and can engage everyone on a personal, as well as, global level."  Todd A. Burdick, Dir. of Interpretation & Public Programs, Hancock Shaker Village, Pittsfield, MA.,2012

" WOMEN AT THE WALL: A Call For Peace' is a marvelous evocation, a transcendence and immanence...effective in its detail , and subtle in the nuances...and very beautiful in its whole." Rabbi Everret Gendler, observer and interactor, Pittsfield, Ma.

"The over fifty one-of-a-kind  Dedication Plaques made specifically for our Brandeis-Hadassah International Women's Research Center have made a unique contribution to the beauty of this building. She was a joy to work with ..." Shulamith Reinhartz, Dept. Head & Prof. of Women's Studies ,Director of Brandeis-Haddasah International Women's Reasearch Center, Waltham, MA

" The Rabinowitz Mezuzah is one that Rhea and I will always treasure.  It is truly beautiful and has a very special meaning for me, as well as a place of honor in our home."..." Rabbi Alexander Schindler , past president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations

"...a stunning exhibit of mixed-media sculptures in which she uses fabric, beads, stones, shells and found objects and other materials to create three-dimensional artworks rooted in Jewish tradition and lore..." Terese Karmel, The Chronicle, Willimantic, CT, 2010


"The artist, Wendy Rabinowitz's work, serves as a 'vessel of light' during periods of darkness...reflecting the Shekina, the female aspect of God..." The Jewish Forward, 2008

"Every fiber of her weaving expresses the deepest understanding of the warp and woof of our religion and its ancient origins that have held our people together...her 'Living Threads' provide an instantaneous appreciation and deep respect for the many facets of Judaism and a neighboorly appreciation for its deep-seated beliefs." Barbara Hirschl, owner, The Touchstone Gallery, NYC

"When I first saw the work of Wendy Rabinowitz, it immediately found a place near the top of my lengthy list of significant contributions to the renewed expression of the Jewish spirit through artistic media that I had seen and heard over many decades....Endowed with spiritual sensitivity, Wendy has dedicated her artistic talents and technical skills to the sharing of images, which stir us at depths not so easily reached by words alone....What first impressed me was the visual to the scriptual text was quite harmonious with fresh images and suggestive insights into feelings and reactions... colors tended to be subdued, natural, earth-linked and grounding..., representations... were individualized, distinctive, and served to deepen my own sense of their particular characters..." Rabbi Everett Gendler,Andover, MA 2007-2011

"We were blessed to have the inspiring work of Wendy Rabinowitz grace the walls of our synagogue [Gallery Lev Shalem] this past fall.  Everyone who entered the space was drawn to the artwork. Wendy mixes media in such vibrant combinations and her work echoes the work of Bezalel, the gifted artist of the Torah.... Our sanctuary was made holier by the presence of Wendy's beautiful, playful and profound art." Rabbi Jonathan Kligler, Kehillat Lev Shalem Congregation, Woodstock, NY, 2008-2009

" Thank you so much for sharing your work though the beautiful exhibit of your pieces, The choice of texts, the texture of the fibers, the colors-all were simply glorious to behold and added to the beauty and sanctity of our sacred space...Thank you so much for this gift of heart and hands and spirit and mind. (Rabbi Debra Zecher)The Life-Long learning Committee of Hevreh of Southern Berkshire has been very pleased to host your magnificent creative art work at Hevreh, and to sponsor your participation in the Friday nite service...It was a pleasure to watch the various groups of event participants and congregants carefully look at, and vocally apppreciate, your "Living Threads"....At the Friday night service... the congregation was enthalled by your role and participation...and your personal connection to your work..." Norma P. Siegal &  Lois Storch, Hevreh of Southern Berkshire, MA. June-July, 2009

" The work of Wendy Rabinowitz shines with the numinous splendor of the Ein Sof and brings us back into alignment with our own inner Source.  Her artwork  is a source of inspiration for seekers of all faiths." Susan Lutgendorf, studio visitor, 2008

"I was given the most beautiful Judaic healing plaque designed by you.  It is exquisite and has already given me so much strength and hope.  Thank you for bringing your artistry to this wonderful gift.  This "Vessel of Light" will always have a place of honor in our home and in my heart." Madeline Freundlich, NYC 2007

"Ms. Rabinowitz, you may be certain that your exhibit: "LIVING THREADS JUDAICA ", is a most outstanding experience for our congregants.  Thank you for letting us exhibit your precious works. Gloria Bein, Exhibit Chairperson, The Emanuel Synagogue, West Hartford, Ct., 2009

"Thank you for the fantastic piece you made in honor and memory of our Wendy Hite. I was so moved that I did not know how to respond.  It hit me in such a personal way to see her "stuff" turned into a work of art.  To many the artwork will be something interesting to look at, to me it will always be something I will feel deeply.  I don't recall who said this: "True art lies in a reality that is felt..." This piece must indeed be true art, for I am moved each and every time I look at it..."  commissioned art work for Jim Hite, Riverside , CA 2010

"By color, contrast, and contour; through a "community" of threads, woods, metals, and leathers, Wendy Rabinowitz' constructions, though sophistiicated mixed-medias, are even more obviously simple soothing prayers for peace-...So conversant with the human need for tranquility and reconciliation are Rabinowitz' sculptures, it is no wonder that while her efforts are clearly "Judaic art" in "content" they just as certainly transcend culture and creed in "impact". David Verzi, The Berkshire Jewish Voice, 2008

"Rabinowitz's work coincides with the mission statement of Mayyim Hayyim Gallery, which also focuses on Hiddur Mitzvah and a desire to 'gladden the eye as well as the spirit of everyone who visits'. " ( Ex. Director Aliza Kline, Mayyim Hayyim Gallery); "The community response to the show has been wonderful.  Light comes in hitting the many layers of the different materials she uses.  It adds to the peacfulness and beauty of this place.  It is a showstopper." Lauren Dorn-Jones, (Development Dept. Mayyim Hayyim Gallery) in The Jewish Advocate,  Boston,MA; May 2007

"Her visual images excite on many levels of being. A jolt of pleasure occurs as we are reawakened from the familiar to something seen in a new way, going from beauty into the spiritual. She has revivified that which has been lost, transforming the symbol, surrounding it with such raw, sensuous materials that there is a new imprint forever on our consciousness. Jude Redstone, studio visitor 2010

" I want to express my thanks again for your beautiful Four Worlds Mezuzah, which we presented yesterday. Everyone was taken by it and had to have a close-up look/feel.  It was someting they had never seen before and everyone loved it! ...most of all my Mother, the recipient.  Nature is an important part of my Mother's life, and the idea of the four elements of nature along with the four Matriarchs was appropriate as we look to her as our congregation's Matriarch."  David Goldstein, on the occassion of  Mildred Golstein's 95th Birthday and 72nd Year in The Society of Jewish Science, June, 2007

"I  just wanted to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with your artwork, "SHEMA/LISTEN" , that my husband got for me for our 25th wedding anniversary and 30th anniversay of our meeting.  It was such momenteous occassions and they couldn't have been commemorated in a more perfect and beautiful way than by your piece.  I've always wanted something of yours and now I have it.  It's a real thrill."  Susan Kaufman, Lenox , MA

"AND ALL THE PEOPLES AND DWELLERS OF THE EARTH SHALL LIVE IN PEACE...", an interactive artwork by Judaic weaver, mixed-media artist, eco-feminist and peace activist Wendy Rabinowitz, will be dedicated to healing the history of anti-semitism, racism, xenophobia and intimidation in the Berkshires in the hall just outside Major James Ruberto's office in Pittsfield City is to transform the divisveness of downtown Pittsfield's most recent swastika eruption into healing through her artistic expression ...and inspires people, and allows them to feel safe to tell ...their stories.  Judith Lerner, The Berkshire Eagle, June, 2006

"Textile artist Wendy Rabinowitz of Pittsfield voices her praise with deft hands that shape swirls of gleaming fibers into 'Trees of Life'- trees that draw on deep roots of faith, that stretch out their branches, with joy, and with hands that spell out sacred texts..." Linda Carman, The Advocate, Williamstown, MA, 2004

"Trees, like overlapping hills and winding rivers, are landscape cliches...A handful [of the 22 invited artists] steered fresh courses and made distinctive statements...textile artist Wendy rabinowitz uses religious sources as inspiration for her theatrical "Tree of Life" bas -relief narrative pannels in fabric and metallic threads. Charles Boneti, art critic, The Berkshire Eagle,2006

"The commisioned gift , "Vessel of Light: Peace/Healing", was delivered last night, and she was truly speechless; her smiles went ear to tears...just smiles, deep purrrs of contentment and many sighs of absolutely perfect gift. Linda Hirsch, Wayland, MA

"The ark curtain designed and executed by Ms. Rabinowitz is a jewel and a marvelous addition to our temple community..."  Rabbi Jack Stern, Westchester Reform Temple

" Every year, your Presentation Plaques for the Eliezar Ben Yehuda Leadership Awards have been wonderful, but this year you have outdone yourself. Our receipients are enriched by your artistic gifts, thank you..." Dr. Fredrick Landes, President, Sinai Academy of the Berkshires

The Edgar Brofman Jewish Center of Williams College was provided a rich, community experience though the creation of  "THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE" . The concept, vision, diversity of materials and structure Ms. Rabinowitz provided brought new insight and perspective to text study, totally relying on creative art as midrash and grounding us all in a new understanding of "The Tree of  Knowledge of Good and Evil...." Ms. Sharon Wechter, former Jewish Chaplin, EBJCof WC

 " I, like so many others in our community, have been greatly influenced by the power and excellence of her art work, the breath and excitement of her lectures and talks, and the warmth and generosity of her spirit..." Arthur Hillman,  Department Head, Professor of Art,Simon's Rock College, Gt. Barrington, MA


"All Art is a Healing, a 'Tikun Olam' to Creation..."

W. Rabinowitz