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Wendy A.Rabinowitz, Weaving/Mixed-Media Artist

 "Art for Beauty, Rituals, Celebration, Healing and the Soul" 

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Thank you, "todah rabah" for coming to my website.  I hope you enjoy

perusing the artworks and reading the descriptions about them. Please

share your thoughts, reactions, and ideas and get in touch with me

about prices, commissions, exhibits, etc. I so enjoy hearing from you.

L'shalom,Wendy A. Rabinowitz



"When I first saw the incredible artwork of Wendy A. Rabinowitz, it immediately found

a place near the top of my list of significant contributions to the renewed expression of

the Jewish spirit through artistic media..."

Rabbi Everett Gendler, Jewish spiritual leader, environmentalist & human rights advocate


"Such strengths of beauty and intentions of will, such invocations of the souls imperative, 

such virtuosity is necessary to showing us how to evoke our own strengths, our own

dreams, our own futures, and the best possible future for all human-kind and for the mirror

of Elohiim's  [God's] developing path on this planet and beyond."

Leiah Bowden, February, 2013

on viewing the "SHALOM: Weaving Threads of Peace" exhibit




                          THE BURNING BUSH "Ahyeh Asher Ahyeh (I Am That I Am)"

                                  Weaving/Mixed-Media Assemblage by Wendy A. Rabinowitz     

                             24"W X 28"H x 3"D  In the Collection of  Myrna and Eli Hammerling



NOTE: Some Hebrew and English quotes used in artwork from The Book of Blessings: New Jewish Prayers for Daily Life,

the Sabbath, and the New Moon Festival.  By Marcia Falk,  copyright (c) 1996. Used by permission from the author.