(And Our Mothers)

These one-of-a-kind weaving/mixed-media assemblages celebrate the living legacy of women in the Torah (Old Testament).  These artworks are based on the voices, power and wisdom of the ancient Jewish Matriarchs.  Although deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, they reflect all womens's stories and their lesson's are for all humanity. The individual art works include text andsurface additions to evoke the imagery, narrative, life-cycle, season and attributes of each.There are twelve artworks in the series that include: HADASSAH (EVE); LILITH, SARAH, HAGAR, REBEKAH, LEAH, RACHEL, MIRIAM, AND DEBORAH, JUDITH. The series has traveled extensively including The United Nations and SARAH and HAGAR were featured at The International Day of Peace Exhibit, NYC  2003 & 2007.

"I didn't realize how strongly the Jewish matriarchs speak to me...until I saw Wendy A. Rabinowitz's artworks. I feel their legacy and an imperative to understand. What is their story?  Who are they?  How are they present in me?  The rhythm of the weave creates a song that rises up in me.  The textures and elements of the earth brings words, the joy and sorrow bring dance.  Let us praise these mothers by listening to their story and calling  on their strength and courage in our own lives.  The earth hears/needs our songs and all rejoice." Joanne Speis, singer, songwriter, group leader . "THE EARTH IS OUR MOTHERS" art exhibit at Bard College at Simon;s Rock, Gt. Barrington, MA,  March, 2014

"I stopped by to see your show  and upon entering the room, the feeling of being a part of something sacred came over me like nothing I've felt, ever....Upon seeing your artwork, what came was immediate. That feeling is ineffable. Rather from the earth.  I know I felt proud to be a woman and to be Jewish and at the same time, everything was "one"....I will always remeber them. Thank you for your art."  Laura Margolis, Producing Artistic Director, StageWorks at Hudson, NY . "THE EARTH IS OUR MOTHERS" art exhibit at Bard College at Simon;s Rock, Gt. Barrington, MA,  April, 2014