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VESSELS OF LIGHT: Mezuzot from the Earth

"Imagine owning a piece of this creative woman's spirit, made manifest in wood, clay, stone and fiber!  I did and the "VESSEL OF LIGHT" Mezuzah  by our Berkshire artist  Wendy A. Rabinowitz  hands in my home and gives great blessing" . Jenifer Browdy, Berkshire Festival of Women Director, The Berkshires of Massachusetts

"The Rabinowitz Mezuzah is one that Rhea and I will always treasure. It is truly beautiful and hasa very special meaning for me, as well as a place of honor in our home" . Rabbi Alexander Schindler, past-president of The Union of American Hebrew Congregations 

"I want to express my thanks for your beautiful mezuzah that we commissioned for my Mother and that we presented to her yesterday at a ceremony for her 72nd year of service and her 95th Birthday. Everyone was taken by it and had to have a close-up look/feel.  It was something they had never seen before and everyone loved it!...most of all my Mother, the receipient. Nature is an important part of her life, and the idea of the four elements of Nature that you incorprated along with the Four Matriarchs was appropriate as we look to her as our congregation's Matriarch." David Goldstein, The Society of Jewish Science

"I purchased a lovely mezuzah set on turquoise stone since that is my favorite color. ...This is my seventh mezuzah, and I was drawn to it and could not resist the temptation of this lovely creation. I have since framed this piece of Judaic art, and have it displayed in my living room.."  Nancy L. Shulman, Pittsfield, MA.

Shalom. Below are a few examples of mezuzzot I have created for individuals, homes, synagogues and other institutions. I feel very honored to have one of my mezuzahs be part of the permanent collection at the White House (1996, Year of the Craftsman). My "VESSELS OF LIGHT: Mezuzot from the Earth" are one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted  ritual art objects created with weavings of silk, wool and metallic fibers.  I use weaving, wrapping and hand-formed copper.  They rest on a backing of either stone, marble, glass, wood, ceramic shards, geods, shells, abalone or other objects from nature.   A "Shin"  Hebrew letter is laid on the front of the mezuzah to symbolize divine protection, and they are covered with a lasting archival preservative. These "VESSELS OF LIGHT" reflect my deep reverance for "ha'aretz", the earth created in all its multitudes of form and materials. My intention, "kavannah", is that they act as a gateway of connectedness, tradition, light and healing. 

Each "VESSEL OF LIGHT: Mezuzah from the Earth" is ready to hang and is accompanied with a card to explain the meaning of a mezuzah, the intention in having a mezuzah, and how to affix the mezuzah to a doorpost. The card also includes information about the artist.

 If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning me to create a one-of-a-kind "VESSEL OF LIGHT: Mezuzah from the Earth" for yourself, or as a gift for life cycle events,etc., please contact Wendy A. Rabinowitz for pricing, design, etc., at or call her at 413-281-2399.

NOTE: Kosher "klafs" (scrolls) can be included for additional cost. Mezuzot comes with non-kosher scroll.

L'shalom, towards peace, Wendy A. Rabinowitz