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Lilith(Queen of the Dark Force)

LILITH (Queen of The Dark Force) is a one-of-a-kind weaving/mixed-media assemblage of silk, wool and metallic fibers; with mixed-media of ceramic, feathers, metal, abalone, stone, ebony, glass, shells, porcupine quills, Hamsech (Hand of God) symbol; with Hebrew letters on rough cut pine burl. 27"W x 42"H x 7"D. Lilith, Queen of the Dark Force (Heb "sitra achra" ) is mentioned in ancient Jewish myth. It is said that she was the first mate of Adam and that she and he were created simultaneously in the first creation of human beings ("male and female , God created them."(Genesis). This took place before the creation of Eve. Lilith regarded herself as Adam's equal and when Adam refused to share power, Lilith fled raging out of the Garden of Eden. Contemporary Jewish feminists consider her symbolic of women who claim their rightful power and equality are then dismissed, thwarted, or rejected, but who transform their anger into positive creativie energy. By claiming her light, which is said to be the same light Sarah passed down that was created at twilight on the eve of the Sabbath, Lilith became whole and holy.