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SARAH, the V'IMOTEINU(And our Mothers) Series

This artwork, SARAH, is from a series of eleven one-of-a-kind artwork from the "V'IMOTEINU (And Our Mothers) series . She is the elder and her element of the earth is light and the sun. She is the leader, but also represents excess power as she convinced her husband Abraham to banish HAGAR, the Egyptian woman and her son. SARAH was the first Jewish Matriarch, and it was through the emnity between her and her husband's second wife, Hagar that the Jews and Arabs are still warring. I feel it is incumbnant then, that the women heal this wound and there are many individuals, groups and organizations that are are working to do so. SARAH's season is summer; her element fire; her life cycle is represented by old age, the elder. By haviing her son, Issac in her maturity, she symbolizes creativity and regenitivity throughout our lives. SARAH has been called the "Mother of Souls" and so connected to God that she could command powers from above. She shared her wisdom and knowlege to the women she came in contact with and God commanded Abraham, her husband to listen to everything she said. A lamp always remained lit in her tent and she was the Keeper of the Flame" who passed this on to the other Matriarchs. 34"H x 46"L X 5"D. Materials: Weaving of silk, wool and metallic fibers; stones; abalone sheels; copper mezuzah; brass Magen Davids (Jewish Stars); ceramic shards; batik cloth; found objects; Hebrew calligraphy; marble and wood. Framed under glass. Signed by artist