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The mystical tradition in Judaism speaks of the concept of "shefa", or the overflow of abundance. In the words of Eli Wiesel from the introduction to the paintings of Shalom of Safed: "G-d also creates out of the ebullience, (exhiliation, exubernance, enthusiasm, passion)overflow..." This one-of-a-kind artwork expresses the image of the overflow coming through in the creation of the twenty-three letters of the Hebrew Alef/Bet. G-d created from "tohu v'vohu", the chaos and void. Materials: Ivory & gold marble; weaving of silk, wool & metallic fibers; on papyrus; on copper rolled mezuzah form; w/ klaf; copper shin; and Hebrew alef/bet in leather wire. Signed by the artist "Black fire on white fire. 24"H x 18"W x 3"D