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WOMEN AT THE WALL: A Sanctuary of Peace

This one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional, scuptural interactive artwork was on exhibit at the United nations in New York City in 2003 and in 2007. It has also traveled widely thoughout the Northeast USA. Over two thousand prayers for peace have been left on the artwork. It calls upon all peoples of the earth to hear women's ancient wails of despair yearning for peace throughout the ages. The enmity between the Jewish and Arab peoples began with the clash and jealousy betwen the first Jewish Matriarch, Sarah and her hand-maiden, the Egyptian, Hagar, concerning their two sons, Issac and Ishmael (Gen.21:9). Since this split began with the women, I feel it is incumbant upon the women to repair it, "tikun,olam" (Heb). From the remnants of our lives and the scattering of our souls, we are urgently called upon to assemble new ways of being One. This artwork invites us to consort for harmony and unity. It invites viewers to write and leave their prayers and desires for peace on the artwork itself. Materials: weavings of silk, wool and metallic fibers; big burl pine, stone, hammered and distressed copper; gold, silver,onyx, glass and abalone beads; hand-made batik papers; papyrus; Magen David; tallit (prayer shawl); and Hebrew prayers.