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THE BURNING BUSH: "I am that I am..."

This one-of-a-kind weaving/ mixed-media assemblage is made of silk, wool and metallic ribbon and fibers; brass leaves, glass and metal beads, hammered brass wings, Hebrew letters of cold filigree. The "BURNING BUSH" (Heb. 'seneh'), is one of the most dramatic images in the Torah (Old Testament). Moses, alone in the wilderness, approaches a blazing bush that is not consumed and hears G-d speak to him and challenges Moses to a huge task. Moses asks G-d what shall he call G-d and tell the Jewish people about G-d. God answers: "Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh" (Heb), "I am that I am...". Here in this one cryptic response and setting, we have a blueprint of a way we are to seek and what we are to do in relation to G-d. We are to go alone, in nature, or into our inward nature, and approach with courage the Light that does not die and hear that G-d's essence is in the all of everything, everyone,the one of Be-ing. Thus we can recapture, like our ancient ancestors, the miracles and wisdom that is there, if only we approach.