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"ETZ HAYYIM- It Is A Tree of Life"

Trees are a universal symbol inspiring awe. Because they are rooted in the earth and reach toward the sky, trees represent the world axis, connecting heaven and earth. They symbolize life, strength, development, trancendence, immortality, protection, re-generation and majesty.Jewish tradition associates the Tree of Life with the Torah (Old Testament), proclaiming that it is : "a Tree of Life-Etz Hayyim to those who hold it fast." It represents eternal life planted in our midst. This is a one-of-a-kind weaving/ mixed-media assemblage of silk, mohair and metallic fibers; with Hebrew on polished stone; rolled scroll with Hebrew; on redwood; on black velvet; with stone and Hamsech (The Hand of God). 24" H x 20"W x 3"D in frame. Signed by artist