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'KELIPPOT': Shells/Husks

This is a one-of-a-kind weaving/mixed-media asemblage created with silk, wool and metallic fibers; papyrus; hand made papers; copper mezuzah form; abalone shells; birch bark; Hamsech (Hand of G-d); circle of brass; and 'klal' (Hebrew scroll). Framed and signed by artist. 24"W x 30"H x 3"D. 'Kelippot' (Heb. shells or husks) is a kabbalistic term, the subject of which fills a vast, but uncertain lore. It orginated in Jewish sources, but also borrowed from other traditions. The teachings of Rabbi Issac Luria (16th C.) give a positive interpretation of the concept of kelippot. This isencompassed in Luria's description of the orderly Creation process that was interrupted by disaster. The vessels that contained all the light and attributes of the Creator were said to be inadequate. The vessels shattered in the face of the descending current of creative Light. From the shards of these vesels, brought to life by sparks of the Divine Light still caught within them, the Kelippot came into being. The rescue of these sparks of Light from the shells or husks is the great theme of Luria's Kabbalah.