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This one-of-a-kind weaving/ mixed-media assemblage draws from the concept of the shattering of the light at the beginning of Creation and G-d's imperative that we create new Vessels of Light to contain the holy sparks once again. We do that through our creative and loving acts in this world. "SHIVITTI" (Heb.'sit before') stems from "And I shall place G-od before me always (and in all ways)..." It is a part of a Psalm and the Jewish Liturgy and is often used on plaques as a meditation. This Shivviti Plaque has the first two paragraphs of teh Shema handwritten on encaustic papyrus. It has a copper mezuzah form covered with weaving of of silk, wool and metallic fibers with metal 'Shin', with the klaf inside it; on wood; on birchbark; on black velvet; om papyrus; on black velvet; with a silver Magen David on Jasper stone. Signed by artist. 28"L x 24"W x 3"D in frame.