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VESSEL OF LIGHT: Hashkeveinu ("Spread Over Us Wings of Your Peace..."), a one-of-a-kind weaving/ mixed-media assemblage, is inspired by the Jewish liturgical prayer "HASKEVIENU". It is made of silk, wool and metallic fibers on papyrus, on hand-made-papers, on rolled cooper, on birchbark, on marble, on copper scroll with 'hamsech' (Hand of G-d) on velvet, on wood, in frame. 24"L x 28"H x 3"D. Because the association with celestial flight and speed, wings symbolize spirituality and thought in many cultures and religions. Early Judaism reflected this motif in depiction of the 'cherubim' (semi-divine winged creatures) which hovered over the ark, as well as 'serphim' and other angelic beings which are described in the Phophetic books. Even G-d, one of whose names is "The G-d of Heavenly Hosts", is described as having wings. The Torah uses the images of eagles' wings to represent G-d's mercy, strength, protection, & salvation. These protective divine wings are usually called 'kanfei ha-Shekinah', the wings of the Shekinah (the female, indwelling presence of G-d).