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THE WOMEN'S TORAH OF PEACE (Torat Nashim L'Shalom)

This one-of-a-kind sculptual weaving/mixed-media artwork draws from one of the central tenents of Judaism, the TORAH (Heb. for 'teaching'). For thousands of years the TORAH has been the foundation for law, ethics, legend, ritual, theology, art, song, and symbolism. It is said in the mystical teachings (Kabbalah) that the TORAH was written in heaven, black fire on white fire in the Academy on High, i.e., The Heavenly Yeshiva. The Torah is said to have existed before the world came into being and was used as the blueprint and instrument of Creation. Creation was conditional on the Israelites accepting the Covenant of the Torah. Women have thoughout the ages been excluded from carrying or reading from Torah, but have newly reclaimed their right to do so for the last twenty-five years. This WOMEN"S TORAH celebrates that renewal and uses materials and forms which reflect the feminine aspect of G-d, the 'SHECKINAH", or the indwelling spirit of the universe. This Women's Torah of Peace expresses women's yearning and creating acts of peace both within themselves, their homes, their communities and the world. It includes Hebrew and English names of women in the Torah written on turquoise stone. Copper has been used throughout ancient Jewish history, for one of the Dead Sea Scrools, as well as the copper laver in the inner sacnctuary of the first Temple in Jerusalem. Copper is considered a female metal due to its flexibility and reflective qualities. Materials: Weaving of silk, wool and metallic fibers, rolled copper sheeting, brass flowers, abalone shells, gold and silver Magen Davids, ungklazed porcelain shard, glass beads, papyrus, handmade batik papers, glass platter. 12" L x 26"H x 6"D on 14" Platter Adapted from the Encyclopedia of Jewish Symbols by Ellen Frankel & Betsy Platkin Teutsch, Jason Aronson, Inc.