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VESSEL OF LIGHT: Healing/Meditation Plaque

These on-of-a-kind "Refuah Shleimah" Healing/Meditation Plaques of weaving/mixed-media are created to be a resource for healing and support. They are a visual gateway for prayer and meditation to those who have experienced illness, loss or significant life changes. Each individual artwork comes with a prayer or quote: ex.: from Reb Nachman of Bratslav "And joy is the great healer/ And in times to come there will be great joy..."; or, the Mi Sheberach prayer: "May we soon know/ a time of complete healing/ A healing of the spirit/ And a healing of the body..."; or, "The breath of my life will bless/the cells of my being sing in gratitude/ reawakening...", from the daily prayer book; or from Torah: "For those who see God's name/ The sun will rise with Healing on it's wings..." (Malachi 3:30). Weaving of silk, mohair and metallic fibers with abalone birds, Star of David, ceramic, cloth, papyrus, copper, handmade papers, Hebrew and English Calligraphy. Various sizes: 6"W x 8"L x 2 1/2"D; 8"W x 10"L x 2 1/2"D; 16" x 20" X 3"D; and 20" x 24" x 3"D. Various prices. Dated and signed bu artist.