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THE BURNING BUSH: "I Will Be What I Will Be"

This one-of-a-kind art work continues my fascination with the myriad ways that we humans experience G'd, or the creative, never-ending spirit in the universe. Here we have YHVH being experienced by Moses as he wanders alone in the wilderness. What he encounters is a bush that is on fire and is not consumed, and then when Moses asks the bush what this is, what G'd is, G'd's response is: "I Will Be Who I Will BE" or I Am Becoming Who I Am Becoming.", "ayeh asher ayeh". Weaving/mixed media assemblage. various sizes on request. Dimensions: of this artwork -26"W x 30 "H x 3"D. Materials: weaving of silk, wool and silver and gold metallic fibers; gold, silver and copper flames; gold "angel wings"; gold Hebrew letters; and, a Hamsech "the Hand-of- G-d symbol on carnellan stone on silver medallion(upper left). Signed by the artist.